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Mission, Vision & Rhythms


To advance God's Kingdom to God's glory.


We are a growing movement of transformed people, reshaping the culture to reflect God's heart.

Three Rhythms

At Waterstone, we are striving to help one another experience transformation so we can learn how to live and love like Jesus. As followers of Christ, our lives flow between three distinct phases, three rhythms:




God's Kingdom grows in us as our faith, knowledge of God, and spiritual maturity develop





God's Kingdom grows in others as we reach out to them with Christ's love and Gospel message





God's Kingdom grows in the world as we find ways that our passions and talents intersect with the needs of others to further God's purposes


We want to be known in our community as a church that: 

  • Thoughtfully engages believers and unbelievers through biblical teaching that helps people apply the truth of the gospel in understandable and compelling ways.

  • Is holistic in our approach to ministry—calling people to repentance and faith, meeting the needs of the poor and marginalized, and seeking justice.

  • Is culturally engaged—not retreating from our society and world but equipping people to make a positive impact in all of their spheres of influence.

  • Seeks to have a broader impact and influence through church partnerships, collaborations, mentoring, and leadership development.

  • Focuses on the gospel of the Kingdom and all its implications, challenging adults, youth, and children to deeply engage the three rhythms of transform, neighbor, and restore while living Kingdom-centered lives.

  • Offers a superior children’s and youth ministry that is fun and entertaining as well as transformative.

  • Invites people to experience an authentic community of grace and redemption in an isolated and lonely world.