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Small Groups

Spring 2017 Small Group Campaign: Revelation

Join us as we dive deep into the Bible’s most misunderstood and mishandled book. We will see that in the midst of John’s seemingly odd images that the true purpose of this book is to experience the sovereignty of God and Christ as their redemptive and restorative intentions for this world are revealed. This exposure motivates worship of God and fuels obedience to his word. We read Revelation to know Christ better.

Small Groups will study alongside the sermon series, serving as a great way to get to know others at Waterstone and discuss topics pertaining to the series.



If you are interested in being a small group leader for a future small group campaign, click HERE


Jesse Ramer
303.972.2200 x109

Why Small Groups?

Small groups play a major role in building the community of Waterstone. They provide a place where people can grow spiritually, build new relationships and serve others. Waterstone's small groups emphasize Bible study, fellowship, prayer and outreach.

As Waterstone and its members continue to grow, it is crucial that you have a group of people whom you can get to know and can get to know you. We believe that small groups are one of the best ways to experience community.


Open Small Groups

To find an open small group near you, use the Group Finder below. Click on "Group Details" and contact the leader of the group you are interested in joining.

Children Welcome

Small Groups

Men's Friday AM Bible Study

Friday Morning | 5890 S Alkire Street Littleton, CO 80127

Men's Group - Meets Friday mornings at 6:30 in the cry room. Currently we are following the Proverbs Sermon series. If you are interested in joining our study, please come and join us on Wednesday morning, or e mail me at

Group Details

Young Marrieds

Tuesday Evening

A place for young married adults who desire connection with others in the same phase of life. The group meets Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm in room 217E . Contact for more information.

Group Details

McCollough's Small Group

Friday Evening | 6 Lantana Littleton, CO 80127

Small Group led by Todd and Laura McCollough.

Group Details

Huth Small Group

Friday Dinner | 12504 West Hoover Ave. Littleton, CO 80123

Small Group led by John Huth

Group Details

20's & 30's at Waterstone

Varies Varies | 8466 S Upham Way Littleton, CO 80128

Small Group for 20's - 30's

Group Details

Washeck's Small Group

Sunday Evening | 10075 Cairns Court Littleton, CO 80130

Our small group meets in Highlands Ranch with the goal of creating community with families on the south side of town. We are open to anyone in any stage of life joining our group. We have only been meeting one semester and would love to have new people join our group.

Group Details

Friesen Small Group

Wednesday Evening | 7750 W. Grand Ave Littleton, CO 80123

Adults of all ages. House not conducive to small kids.

Group Details

Tevebaugh's Small Group

Thursday Evening

Open to anyone. Not conducive to families with young kids

Group Details

Smith Small Group (20's & 30's)

Tuesday Evening

Small group of people mainly in their 20's and 30's. Meets at various participants' houses from week to week.

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Schroeder Small Group

Saturday Evening

Small Group that meets at Waterstone after the Saturday night service, led by Mike and Shara Schroeder. High School students are welcome to join the conversation as well!

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Livingston Small Group

Sunday Evening

Small Group led by Bob and Suzy Livingston at Waterstone on Sunday evenings. There is no childcare available but is during Awanas.

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