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Waterstone Men

Our vision is to build a community of men who are willing to discover what it means to be a man of God–not just in knowledge but in action. To do this, we focus on three areas:

1. We work to build an authentic community of men who will walk in the light with integrity and accountability (1John 1:5-7, Proverbs 27:17).
2. Because of Christ in us, we strengthen each other to actively love God with heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31).
3. With God’s heart for the weak and vulnerable, we strive together to live out Waterstone’s Three Rhythms: Transform, Neighbor, and Restore (James 1:27).

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God's at War
6 week video study on Saturdays

October 7th- November 11th
Cost:  $15 (Study Guide)

We’re excited to start a new video small group series by Kyle Idleman. God’s at War challenges our presumptions about sin by suggesting that all sin derives from the same source—idolatry. While we don't see many "graven images" around today, Kyle argues that there are still countless gods passionately at war for the throne of our hearts. If we put the wrong god on the throne, our lives will be thrown into chaos, and all of the effort we put into fighting sin and overcoming it will be futile.

While there are many gods at war for our hearts, this study focuses on four in particular: the gods of love, money, pleasure, and power. In a new twist to the cinematic style City on Hill video studies have become known for, this series is filmed in a docudrama style—and features real people telling real stories.

These stories are compelling, and in them everyone will see some reflection of themselves, and recognize the true battle that lies at the heart of all of our sin struggles. These stories also point the way to victory, as we see the kind of life-transforming power that Christ is ready to pour out in our lives as well. As a result, seekers, non-Christians and life-long Christians alike will all be moved to grow their relationship with Christ.

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Men’s Family Event–The Christmas Delivery
December 23
Activity Center

Bring the entire family to help us complete “The Christmas Gift.” The goal of The Christmas Gift is to help families in need by providing food and gifts at Christmas. We will gather in the Activity Center to organize the food, wrap the presents and prepare the delivery. Coffee and donuts will be provided. Actual delivery times may vary based on the recipient’s schedule.

Join us to see the outpouring of care and support that we can show to those struggling at Christmas.

Contact Damon Thomas at for more information.


Monday Morning Men's Group
Cry Room
Jon Fitzgerald


Friday Morning Men's Bible Study
Cry Room
Dennis Murphy


Wednesday Morning Men's Prayer Group
Praying for our church, ourselves, our families, and more.  Join us for a brief prayer time before you go to work.

Prayer Room
Daniel Herron


Wednesday Evening Man to Man Group
A group for men battling against pornography.

Tower Room
Greg Hearn


Friday Morning Men's Group
Room 119
Doug Angell


If you have questions about which Waterstone Men's Group is right for you, contact Damon Thomas.
303-972-2200 ext 138



Wednesday Morning
2nd and 4th Wednesdays
Atlas Coffee
Damon Thomas

303-972-2200 ext 138


Waterstone Men's Coordinator Contact Information:

Damon Thomas

303-972-2200 ext 138