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The goal of classes at Waterstone is to build a strong Christian foundation and catalyze spiritual growth. We offer many classes and experiences designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs and schedules throughout the week.

Small Groups 

Small groups play a major role in building the community of Waterstone. They provide a place where people can grow spiritually, build new relationships and serve others. Waterstone's small groups emphasize Bible study, fellowship, prayer and outreach.

Care Ministries 

We offer a variety of care ministries to extend God’s love and grace to you in whatever stage of life you may be. 


The Three Rhythms of Waterstone are fueled by prayer and have a growing core group who devote themselves to prayer in their groups, ministries and in prayer events.

Waterstone Men and Waterstone Women

Waterstone Men is a community of men who desire to discover what it means to be a man of God–not just in knowledge but in action. 

Waterstone Women is a community of women who desire to create a safe and inclusive environment that fosters authenticity and transparency through the journey with Christ. 

Other Adult Groups

If you desire to connect with those of a similar age or place in life, our singles, 20-30's and Young Adult (college) groups are here to connect and grow in their relationship with God.


We celebrate baptism as a public act of obedience symbolizing faith in Jesus. Baptism represents the believer's death to sin, the burial of the old life, and the resurrection to walk in newness of life as a Christ follower.

We will have baptism during our Sunday morning Worship Service on the following dates in 2019:

March 17, August 18 & November 24

For more information, contact Emily.