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Our desire is to invest in you and your students during the exciting and sometimes challenging years of junior high and high school. We pray that students who come through our program would be stretched and challenged to engage in a relationship with Jesus and a community founded on acceptance.

Alpha Youth

Alpha Youth is a relaxed, non-judgmental space for students to explore some of the biggest questions we have around life, faith and God.  There is no topic off the table or question that isn't allowed.  Each week we meet at Atlas Coffee off of Ken Caryl, share a quality meal, watch a brief video that introduces a topic for the night and then wrap up the night with a great conversation around a table.  Alpha Youth is not a bible study; its a space to process thoughts and questions about life and God openly.  If you want to learn more about Alpha Youth contact Elliot Campbell at  or check out the video above.


Sunday Mornings

Before the start of a busy week, Sunday morning is a great opportunity for students to pause and step into the richness of God’s Word. As a community, we strive to be transformed by Jesus Christ as we seek to know what it means to live life in the Kingdom of God.

Middle School students meets in Room 215E at 10:30am.

High School students meets in Room 217E at 10:30am.

Weekly Events

Our Students' meet at Waterstone from 6:30-8:30pm every Wednesday during the school year for Midweek. Midweek is a great way for students to take a break in the middle of their week, have some fun and be encouraged by their friends. High School and Middle School are high-pressure environments and we love to defuse some of that pressure at Midweek. It is a night full of energy with food, games, videos, short messages and discipleship groups lead by our awesome Adult Leader Team. Students who join us at Midweek walk away knowing God more intimately and with a feeling of, “I belong here.”We can’t wait to see your student there! 




Elliot Campbell - Student Ministries Pastor
303.972.2200 x144


Ben Szygyi - Middle School Director
303.972.2200 x145


Luke Mathewson - Student Ministries Resident


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